The global climate is changing and although there is debate as to the amount of contribution by humans there is a duty to take action to save the planet.  Action is necessary to reduce human contribution to climate change, and there are numerous actions that we can take to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.  Many of these action items require very little effort on our part, such as paying bills online or turning the water off when brushing our teeth. Many people are using the reusable grocery bags instead of plastic or paper ones. Although we are teaching the next generation to be less wasteful, that is no excuse for a not leading a conservative and planet conscious lifestyle today. Leading by example is the best form of leadership toward a sustainable environment to help save the planet today.

Most local supermarkets offer reusable grocery bags at an inexpensive 99 cents.  They usually come in various sizes and often feature various patterns and seasonal motifs.  Just don’t forget to take them with you to the grocery.  An interesting idea is to use these reusable grocery bags as gift bags instead of purchasing a gift bag that will just be discarded.  The reusable grocery bag will be an “additional gift” for the recipient and your use of it will prevent the gift bag from adding to the landfill burden which is one small step to save the planet.

It’s a good time to get started with these steps o help save the planet. Plastic grocery bags often end up as litter and a danger to wildlife. Estimates are that 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed every year globally. That comes to over one million plastic bags every minute of every day.  Purchase and use reusable bags at your grocer for as little as 99 cents each.  You may have reusable bags from trade show vendors or product exhibitions that you’ve attended, these make excellent reusable grocery bags to help save the planet.

Make sure the bags you purchase have handles for carrying and they fit on your grocers bagging carousel.  You will save waste and help reduce the stuffing of landfills with the plastic bags.  How many small trash cans do you need to line anyway?  Seems I always had more than plenty of the plastic bags around and end up discarding quite a few.
It is important to note that you have to wash the reusable bags.  If they are not washed and disinfected frequently, they can lead to food contamination from the bag coming in contact with harmful substances, germs, bacteria, salmonella, e-coli, etc.  Keep them clean and you shouldn’t have any problems while you help save the planet.

Happy shopping, let’s save the planet !