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By Eric Holthaus

The rain and winds may be over, but Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico is only just beginning.

The storm’s rains fell at a rate exceeding that of Hurricane Harvey in Texas with wind speeds exceeding that of Hurricane Irma in Florida. In the span of 24 hours, Maria knocked out Puerto Rico’s entire power grid, 95 percent of cellphone towers, the bulk of the island’s water infrastructure, as well as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, airports, and seaports. Officials warn it may take up to six months to fully restore power. In some communities, 90 percent of homes …read more
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By Jaymi Heimbuch

This video shows how the unusual jaw structure of dragonfly nymphs is both brilliant and terrifying. …read more
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By Derek Markham

A new licensing agreement between a California electric scooter company and Ford Motor Company could see a Blue Oval branded last mile transport solution for sale in a few months. …read more
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By Amelia Urry

When Hurricane Irma scraped its way up the Florida peninsula, it left the state’s electrical grid in pieces. Between 7 million and 10 million people lost power during the storm — as much as half of the state — and some vulnerable residents lost their lives in the sweltering days that followed. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of electrical workers from around the country rushed to the Sunshine State to repair damaged substations, utility poles, and transmission lines.

But in Palm Coast, on Florida’s eastern seaboard, midway between Daytona and St. Augustine, Jim Walden never lost power. …read more
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By Kate Yoder

This week, workers at the federal agency attended a one-hour training course on how to prevent leaks to the press.

In response, they disclosed memos and slideshows from the course to multiple outlets, including The Hill, Reuters, and the Associated Press. Politico received a leaked memo about the class before it even took place.

The training was part of a wider White House crackdown on leaks across federal agencies. Though most EPA staff don’t handle classified files, agency officials wanted to prevent workers from sharing what they called “controlled unclassified information,” citing national security concerns.

Numerous leaks have come out …read more
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Here’s how the avocado-toast bubble will burst.

By Nathanael Johnson

Avocado prices are shooting through the stratosphere. They’re so expensive that a real-estate mogul in Australia has blamed city-dwellers’ struggles with high housing costs on the millennial love affair with avocado toast. Avocados are about as trendy as a fruit can get (witness the avocado bar in Brooklyn).

Demand is high (the average American now eats seven pounds of avocados a year) and supply is low. A trend toward drier climate in growing regions, and Trumpian trade wars could make avocados still more precious. But there’s hope in form of basic economics.

Agricultural economist Marc Bellemare points out that …read more
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By Mary Jo DiLonardo

Photographer Anouk Krantz captures images of Georgia's Cumberland Island and its wild horses. …read more
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By Eve Andrews

Adrian Grenier is not coming to lunch.

This is the gist of the text that I receive from the former Entourage star and current activist’s publicist, approximately 45 minutes before said lunch date. I have carefully prepared a list of questions about plastic straws and his feelings about them, because that is why I am ostensibly having lunch with the actor and activist. To talk about the straws.

Grenier’s ocean advocacy organization, Lonely Whale Foundation, has organized a Strawless Ocean campaign. The landmark event of this campaign is “Strawless in Seattle,” in which roughly a hundred Seattle institutions agreed to …read more
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Are you peeling your banana the right way?

By Robin Shreeves

Pinching the bottom of the banana peel so it splits might be easier than breaking back the top to peel the fruit. Which way is better for you? …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Kimberley Mok

This experimental installation explores new design methods and materials for a changing climate. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

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