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By Noel Kirkpatrick

'Tail walking' is rarely seen in the wild, but these Australian dolphins were showing off. …read more
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By Robin Shreeves

If you're not ready to go cold turkey with beef, we have some bean recipes to get you started in replacing just a meal or two. …read more
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By Tom Szaky, Guest Writer

Why oceans, why now? …read more
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By Derek Markham

The unicorn of cheap clean home energy will most likely be found in an affordable solar roof that doesn’t look like a solar roof, and that can pay for itself quickly. This startup may have developed it. …read more
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By Katherine Martinko

These wacky ‘tableware’ stones are meant to trick diners into thinking there’s more food on their plates than there actually is. …read more
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By Grist staff

For all their glittering charisma, solar cells and wind turbines don’t make for the best story subjects. But the people who benefit from cleantech — whether they’re landing jobs in the industry, breathing cleaner air, or just saving a few bucks on utilities — have the real tale to tell.

With 100%, a media campaign from The Solutions Project, Sean Watkins and his team seek out diverse climate leaders across the country and tell their success stories over Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes even physical billboards. The purpose is to build inspiration and momentum for others to push for 100 percent clean …read more
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By Nikhil Swaminathan

A report on the employment practices of green groups finds that the sector, despite its socially progressive reputation, is still overwhelmingly the bastion of white men.

According to the study, released by Green 2.0, roughly 3 out of 10 people at environmental organizations are people of color, but at the senior staff level, the figure drops closer to 1 out of 10. And at all levels, from full-time employees to board members, men make up three-quarters or more of NGO’s staffs.

Click to embiggen. Green 2.0

The new report, titled “Beyond Diversity: …read more
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By Eve Andrews

The cartel confirmed at a Thursday meeting in Vienna that it would extend the production cuts announced in December through March 2018 to try to forestall further collapse of oil prices.

However, they’re just fighting the inevitable. Here’s everything working against OPEC:

  1. American-produced shale gas and oil (the kind you get from fracking) continues to be cheap and abundant.
  2. In recent years, investors have poured money into fracking companies, because they’re seen as more reliable than traditional drilling operations — in turn making the former less susceptible to shifts in price and production than the latter. (But bad news, frackers — that <a class="colorbox" …read more
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Wanted: Cat cuddler for Dublin vet

By Noel Kirkpatrick

This Dublin-based cat cuddler job requires good cat sense and training in either veterinary medicine or nursing. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Melissa Breyer

Our colorful photo of the day comes from the waters of Australia. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

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