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By Derek Markham

With an increasing number of people confessing to being “solar curious”, quotes for solar PV systems may be in higher demand, and toward that end, solar professionals have a new tool at their disposal for project development. …read more
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By Michael Graham Richard

Let’s say that some trees have great genes that allow them to live for millennia and grow to be almost as big as skyscrapers, but that because they are so big, they are ideal targets for lumberjacks so they almost all get cut down… …read more
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By Chris Tackett

The Keep a Breast Foundation and Non Toxic Revolution challenged people to keep all the plastic they used in a week. Here’s what I learned. …read more
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By Michael Graham Richard

Scientific evidence that living near green spaces makes you happier and improves your mental health. …read more
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Drumbeat: April 22, 2013

By Leanan

Is Saudi Arabia Losing Its Importance in the Oil Market?

For three decades or so, Saudi Arabia has wielded considerable influence on the global oil market. The kingdom’s status as the world’s only “swing producer” has given it the unparalleled ability to influence oil prices by boosting or reducing its production and exports, which it has done at various times over the past few decades.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia may be the only major oil-producing nation in the world with the ability to influence the global price of oil to a noticeable degree. But now, it appears that the Saudis are gradually …read more
Source: The Oil Drum

By A.K. Streeter

This new Kinn is sleek bike eye candy, but the designer built it with family cyclists top-of-mind. …read more
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By Lloyd Alter

There’s lots of less valuable land farther away from cities. Why protect it when you can offset it? …read more
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By Danielle Nierenberg


What’s food got to do with loving the planet? Everything. The global food system — from production to consumption to waste — contributes to one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture is the single largest user of land, worldwide, and agricultural chemicals pollute lakes, streams, and rivers.

The good news is that we can grow food abundantly without hurting the environment. In fact, sustainable farming practices play a key role in remediating watersheds, protecting soils, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And, since we all eat, each of us has a role to play …read more
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Ask Umbra: Watts up with lightbulbs?

By Ask Umbra


Send your question to Umbra!

Q. Dearest Umbra,

I know you’ve written about lightbulbs before, but it seems like there are lots of new options on store shelves. Are incandescents even being sold anymore? And what about LED lights? I tried some a few years ago and, in addition to being hella expensive, the light they gave off was cold and blue and institutional — I couldn’t stand it. Are there other low-energy varieties? Which kinds of bulbs work with dimmers? Can you — ahem — shed some light on this confusing subject?

Liza E.
Battle Creek, Mich.

<figure id="attachment_171457" …read more
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By Bill McKibben

Tim DeChristopher

Earth Day, oddly, has never been a huge deal for me. I’m just a little too young to really remember its remarkable debut in 1970, when one American in 10 went out in the streets to demand action on clean air and water. That unprecedented activism laid the groundwork for the swift passage of legislation, and the almost-as-swift rehabilitation of lakes and rivers. But in the years after, many Earth Day celebrations drifted in a slightly more corporate direction; there wasn’t anything wrong with them, but they didn’t seem to be helping arrest environmentalism’s …read more
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