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By Sharon Kelly


In November 2002, a small group of scientists gathered at the University of Kansas with one clear mission. The topic at hand: an industrial chemical called n-propyl bromide, or nPB. Their goal, according to the conference agenda and meeting notes, was to design a “research program needed to establish nPB as a safe product.”

“It was clear almost from the beginning that the meeting was not about science,” said Kim Boekelheide, an attendee of the conference and a pathology professor from Brown University. Three days after the conference, Boekelheide wrote a letter to the …read more
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By Thomas Stackpole

Allen Taylor, Nelson-Portage County, Ohio
Map of the Western Reserve including the Firelands in Ohio.

Welcome to Portage County, Ohio, the biggest dumping ground for fracking waste in a state that is fast becoming the go-to destination for the byproducts of America’s latest energy boom.

As fracking — pumping a briny solution of water, lubricants, anti-bacterial agents, and a cocktail of other chemicals into underground shale formations at high pressure to fracture the rock and extract trapped natural gas — has expanded in the Midwest, so has the need for disposing of used fracking fluid. That fracking …read more
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By Susie Cagle


Want to give your kids a chance at a better life in this flagging economy? Well then get thee to the oil and gas fields, America.

That’s certainly how I read this piece in the New York Times this week, “In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters,” based on new research [PDF] from Harvard and the University of California Berkeley — the best income mobility study in the U.S., they say.

The Times created an interactive map that breaks down a child’s chance at rising out of poverty by region, revealing massive geographic disparities between the intergenerational winners and losers. …read more
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By Sami Grover

We don’t need to wait for a break through, say researchers. A zero carbon Britain is feasible using today’s technology. …read more
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By Chris Mooney

Jenni Konrad
Mayor Stubbs relaxes outside of West Rib Pub & Grille in Talkeetna, Alaska.

When I visited Alaska last week, much of the state was still reeling from June’s stunning heat wave, featuring numerous record temperatures. That includes 96 degrees in Talkeetna, a bustling tourist town near the base of 20,320-foot-high Mount McKinley (or Denali), featuring gift shops overflowing with moose and bear paraphernalia, restaurants overflowing with salmon and King crabs … and one feline elected official, longtime incumbent @MayorStubbs, who has gotten more than his share …read more
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Think you can’t afford an EV? Think again

By Claire Thompson

Tom Raftery
You could be as happy as this guy.

It’s easy to see the electric car as a symbol of the kind of offbeat elitism often associated with eco-conscious living — the rich man’s veggie oil-powered VW bus, if you will. But that could change as the industry starts going Model T on EVs, making them more affordable for the masses. Automakers are now offering an array of discount leases and perks that, when combined with government tax incentives, make EV ownership accessible for a much broader segment of the population.

Owning …read more
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By Lisa Hymas

Dave Lichterman
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says Whole Foods should pay more or get lost.

The Washington, D.C., city council made national news earlier this month with its effort to force Walmart to pay higher wages at six new stores the company hopes to build in the city.

A similar fight is afoot in Seattle — but over Whole Foods. Mayor Mike McGinn, who’s up for reelection this year, is leading the charge against a proposed new store in the West Seattle neighborhood. Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat reports:

“I’m setting a …read more
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Whales almost swallow divers whole (VIDEO)

By Chris Tackett

While diving off the Central California coast, two divers were nearly swallowed whole by humpback whales. And the whole thing was caught on video! …read more
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By Aziz Nayani

Department for International Development
Children play at a water pump in Sindh, Pakistan.

In a report released last week by the Asian Development Bank [PDF], Pakistan was pinpointed as “one of the most water-stressed countries in the world, not far from being classified, ‘water-scarce.’” As water demand exceeds supply in the South Asian country, more and more water is being withdrawn from the nation’s reservoirs, leaving them in a critically precarious position. According to the ADB, Pakistan’s storage capacity, the amount of water it has on reserve in case of an emergency, is …read more
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By John Metcalfe

Take a gander at this map of the United States lit up like the burning face of the sun. It shows how hot America got from July 10-19, with maximum temperatures shown in appropriately incendiary shades:



Released on Friday by NOAA, the map shows the hellish days that preceded the nation’s current meteorological bugbear: an “oppressively hot area of high pressure,” to use the National Weather Service’s language, that’s now making eyeballs sweat on the East Coast. How nasty is it there? …read more
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