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I am absolutely chuffed to bits to hear the news that The Rubbish Diet has been shortlisted in this year’s Brilliance in Blogging Awards, organised by BritMums, and especially so because it’s been included in the Commentary category.

This category features blogs that highlight causes, either through raising awareness or funds, and which are a
force for positive change. Topics might be global, local or
personal. Whatever the cause, the bloggers shortlisted in this category have been chosen for …read more
Source: The Rubbish Diet

By Chris Tackett

A must-read article by Mark Hertsgaard in Newsweek reports how BP lied about the size of the oil disaster and the danger posed to its workers, the public and the environment. It is a cautionary tale for victimes of all oil spills. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

Drumbeat: April 24, 2013

By Leanan

Egypt to issue schedule next month for gradual fuel subsidy cuts

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt aims next month to issue a schedule of gradual rises in the subsidised prices various industries pay for fuel, to bring them near to world levels in four years, its trade and industry minister said.

A reduction in energy subsidies is widely seen as an important step towards allowing Egypt to secure a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to shore up its finances.

Egypt spends around a fifth of its budget on fuel subsidies, and the government is under pressure to reduce …read more
Source: The Oil Drum

By EarthTechling.com Staff

This little robot can shimmy up a wind turbine and even along the blades themselves. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

It's curtains for the Soft House

By Lloyd Alter

Sheila Kennedy and KVA design multifamily houses with a solid wood core and a flexible interior. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

Get to Know Your Important Bird Area

By Monica Tanaka

Taken by Don Hackett at Andrew Haydon Park

Here in the National Capital Region, we’re lucky to have an Important Bird Area right in the heart of the city. Just minutes from the downtown core and accessible by public transportation, the Lac Deschênes Important Bird Area (IBA) is a piece of natural habitat that is cherished by Ottawans and residents of Gatineau and is an important area for the region’s birds and other species.
<br …read more
Source: Nature Canada

Fresh corn and zucchini frittata [Vegetarian]

By Jaymi Heimbuch

Fresh basil and cilantro add a delicious herby sweetness to this frittata, which is packed with corn, zucchini and onions. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

By Kimberley Mok

Integrating art with biology, these Caddisfly larvae are creating these precious sculptures made of gold, sapphires and rubies. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

By Suzi Parker

Tar Sands Blockade / flickr
Dead vegetation in Lake Conway, which flows into the Arkansas River, a tributary of the Mississippi

Rocker Neil Young wanted to see for himself the damage from ExxonMobil’s ruptured Pegasus oil pipeline, which recently spewed reeking, black goo into small-town Mayflower, Ark. So Young, a stalwart environmentalist, drove his revamped, super fuel-efficient hybrid 1959 Lincoln Continental into Mayflower on Monday, unannounced.

A few people snapped pictures with Young (local blogger Shelli Russell bumped into a telephone pole while chasing him down). But regardless of how cool his …read more
Source: Grist

By Ryan Koronowski


Why do a determined minority — often in positions of power — refuse to accept that climate change is happening despite the overwhelming scientific evidence?

A new study may provide a clue. Researchers at the University of Western Australia found that people who expressed faith in free-market ideology were also likely to reject scientific consensus that climate change is happening and that burning fossil fuels helps to cause it.

Free-market philosophy makes the case that the market operates best when the government gets out of the way, but otherwise has no obvious connection to denying climate science. However, this scientific …read more
Source: Grist

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