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By Lloyd Alter

With a few cute little piggies and happy whales …read more
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Photo of the Day: Red hermit crab on white sand

By Jaymi Heimbuch

Hermit crabs are curious creatures, with an affinity for house hunting. This one stands out bright red against the white sand of the beach where it crawls. …read more
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By darbyminow

Kip Evans/Mission Blue

Climate Desk has launched a new science podcast, Inquiring Minds, cohosted by contributing writer Chris Mooney and neuroscientist and musician Indre Viskontas. To subscribe via iTunes, click here. You can also follow the show on Twitter at @inquiringshow, and like us on Facebook.

This episode of Inquiring Minds also features a discussion of the latest research on how conspiracy theories fuel the denial of science on issues ranging from climate change to vaccinations, and on how scientists are reconsidering the origins of life and … yes, bringing Mars into the picture.

Sylvia Earle …read more
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By darbyminow


Have you been following Nathanael Johnson’s GMO exploration on Grist? Do you find his research compelling but feel he could use even more pizzaz and hats? Have we got the video for you:

Have a good weekend, y’all.

h/t Dominic Holden

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By John Upton

An abandoned grain processor that dates back to Soviet era.

When the USSR collapsed, the communal farming systems that helped feed the union’s citizens collapsed with it. Farmers abandoned 1 million acres of farmland and headed into the cities in search of work.

New research by European scientists has revealed the staggering climate benefits of that sweeping change in land use. According to the study, published in the journal Global Change Biology, wild vegetation growing on former USSR farming lands sucks up approximately 50 million tons of carbon every year since 1990.

New …read more
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By Michael Graham Richard

In a public letter on the company’s blog, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk wrote a letter what is known about the recent accident that caused a Tesla Model S electric sedan to catch fire. …read more
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Walleye move in to a warming Lake Superior

By John Upton

Aaron Kamphuis
He caught a walleye.

If you are a warm-water-loving fish looking for a Great Lake in which to swim, Lake Superior is traditionally not your best option. It’s the northernmost of the five lakes, stretching far into Ontario, and it’s especially deep and often covered with ice. Its frigid waters have traditionally been too cold for balmy swimmers like the walleye.

But, hey, it’s a fast-changing world — Lake Superior included.

The Daily Climate reports that water temperatures in the lake have risen by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1970s; …read more
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By Jess Zimmerman


One of the results of the government shutdown: no weddings at national monuments. Another result: Since the national parks are closed, Smokey the Bear is just sitting around twiddling his thumbs. And last night, these two great tastes tasted great together on the Colbert Report, as Stephen stepped up to marry a couple whose Jefferson Memorial ceremony was threatened by the shutdown.

OMG what happens next? The thrilling conclusion is here.

Of course, since they had Smokey the Bear as their best man, this couple gets all kinds of magical gifts from the Parks Department — inner tranquility, …read more
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By John Upton

The Hatfield’s Ferry power plant in Greene County. Goodbye and good riddance.

The coal sector is in its death throes, thanks to cheaper alternatives and a growing distaste for what is the worst of the global-warming fuels. The latest casualties: two coal-burning power plants in Pennsylvania that will pump their last energy into the grid, and cough their last pollution in to the air, this weekend.

Officials with FirstEnergy Generation told state lawmakers on Thursday that their 370-megawatt plant in Washington County and its monster, 1,710 megawatt facility in Greene County will shutter next …read more
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By Sarah Laskow

Jack Snell

There are a few select people who are really into watching trains. Most of us probably would rather watch plants grow. But Amtrak’s new “Track a Train” system is a) actually useful and b) ok-we-admit-it pretty cool.

Here is the useful bit, as explained by Atlantic Cities:

A status window for each individual train gives the train number, direction, origin, final destination, and speed. There’s also a status flag: green indicates on-time trains; amber, late trains. One check this morning found a gray flag to indicate a route with a service …read more
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