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As temperatures have gotten, on average, warmer and cold snaps like this one have gotten less frequent, certain insects have traveled north and invaded ecosystems not designed to fend them off. But this year, trees all over America have been granted a reprieve from invasive insects by the polar air. The New York Times reports that hordes of these insects probably just died in the cold, and entomologists are partying on their graves.

Seriously. Turns out, under the right conditions, entomologist can be kind of vicious:

I was cheering a couple of days ago because most of the adelgids will …read more
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By hrichmond


Ecto- and ericoid mycorrhizal (EEM) fungi can soak up 70 percent more carbon than other ’shrooms, keeping all that carbon outta the atmosphere. Now THAT’s a magic mushroom!

A gaggle of researchers just pitted 200 dirt samples against each other to see which held the most carbon, and soil with EEM fungi won. Basically, EEM fungi suck up nitrogen from soil, stealing it away from soil microbes and giving it to grateful plants. Then stuff can’t decompose as quickly, so the soil retains carbon instead of putting it out into the atmosphere. EEM fungi slurp nitrogen faster than most fungi — including …read more
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By Michael Graham Richard

Since January 1st, 2014, there’s been a renewed interest in energy-efficient lighting thanks to a law that requires a minimum level of efficiency from lightbulbs, making the century-old incandescents a thing of the past. …read more
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By John Upton

frozen pizza

Some of the food that’s been sold out of freezers in Japan recently has had a strange smell to it — a fishy odor that has nothing to do with seafood.

It’s the smell of malathion, an insecticide.

More than 1,000 people have been sickened so far by eating frozen foods laced with the pesticide, according to some media reports. From the BBC:

[Food company Maruha Nichiro Holdings] is recalling at least 6.4 million food packages manufactured at a factory in Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo.

It started the food recall last week, recovering more than one million packages so far.

“The …read more
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Wind power kept the heaters working in Texas

By John Upton


Wind power helped Texas avoid blackouts as residents and businesses turned on their heaters this week amid plummeting temperatures and dwindling electricity supplies.

On Monday morning, wind turbines provided 1,800 megawatts of the 56,000 megawatts of power available in most of Texas — which was just enough to avoid outages after several fossil-fuel power plants shut down due to weather-related problems.

But in an odd twist, that wind-based salvation has led some to complain that the Lone Star State is too dependent on the clean energy source.

Here’s ClimateProgress on how the state’s thousands of wind …read more
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By John Upton

John Holdren video

If you pay just a little attention to what scientists say, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand how freezing conditions across North America can be linked to climate change. As polar temperatures rise faster than equatorial temperatures, jet streams that hold weather conditions in their rightful places are weakening. And that can help the frigid Arctic cyclone known as the polar vortex slip deeper into North America. Weakening jet streams linked to global warming were also connected last year to floods in Colorado and Alberta, unseasonable heat in Alaska, and unseasonable cold in Florida.

Of course, some conservatives have been putting on …read more
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By Margaret Badore

A design by CDR Studio was selected for this year’s City of Dreams Pavilion at the annual art festival on Governor’s Island. …read more
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Bad news for Brits: The U.K. government announced last month that companies will be able to frack on two-thirds of British soil. (The announcement promises job creation, meeting the country’s gas needs, you know the drill.) But protestors aren’t having it. And they’re forgoing the traditional handcuffs and expressing their disapproval using an appropriately modern, chemical-based method: superglue.

In the past week, three women super-glued themselves to objects at fracking test site Barton Moss to protest the announcement. One of them even dressed up like Where’s Waldo (although fun fact, they call him Wally over there):

<figure id="attachment_219598" class="grist-img-container alignnone" …read more
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By Elizabeth Chamberlain and Kyle Wiens of iFixit

By 2017, global e-waste rates will increase by 33% to 65.4 million tons per year—the weight equivalent of almost 200 Empire State Buildings. …read more
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By hrichmond

Radio show host Limbaugh speaks at a forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington

UGH. It’s soooo cold outside in SOME places right now that I’m scared, y’all. This temporary cold snap means it’ll NEVER be hot anywhere ever again. Plus, it totally invalidates decades of warming temperatures, shrinking ice, and rising sea levels in one fell swoop! What are we gonna dooooo?!? I know, let’s give it a sexy name like “polar vortex” to … distract people or something!

So goes Rush Limbaugh’s opinion of liberals, us crafty devils who are trying to spin subzero temps …read more
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