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By Lisa Hymas

keystone protest hp

The Huffington Post is reporting that President Obama won’t approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline if it will worsen climate pollution. The announcement will come during Obama’s climate speech today. From HuffPo:

President Barack Obama will ask the State Department not to approve the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline unless it can first determine that it will not lead to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions, a senior administration official told The Huffington Post. …

The new Obama policy… [will] not [kill] the project outright, but [will ensure] that it meets a basic environmental …read more
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Live blog: Obama’s new climate plan

By James West

President Barack Obama

At 5 p.m. EST today, Climate Desk will be hosting a live Google Hangout with Grist’s own David Roberts, Suzy Goldenberg from the Guardian, and Kate Sheppard from Mother Jones. Until then, follow this live blog for updates on Obama’s big announcement.


This story was produced as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

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Tourists attacked by giraffe (videos)

By Christine Lepisto

“A hormonal Giraffe started to chase our jeep…You can see how he gets closer and closer after every turn” …read more
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By Sarah Laskow

Like this, but with an electric airplane.
Library of Congress
Like this, but with an electric airplane.

Wired introduces us to a crazy, brilliant man:

Yates is a pilot. He got his license a year ago. Despite his inexperience, he has a dream. A crazy, outlandish, almost insane dream. He wants to repeat Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic — in an electric airplane.

That flight — from New York to Paris — is more than three times as long as the longest flight any electric airplane has taken, according to Wired. The electric plane, which Yates is still building, would have to go …read more
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By Sarah Laskow


Gothamist’s John Del Signore got an invite to a solstice party in the “Echo Vault, a temporary memory chamber dedicated to sonic experimentation and uncontrolled dance.” It was a two hour event (with no bathrooms) where everyone was told to bring a candle, a flashlight, and twenty bucks, and kept in the dark about everything else.

Here’s what happened:

N.D. Austin., whose group Wanderlust Projects puts together urban trespassing events like Night Heron speakeasy, and Stark have asked me to keep certain details about the location secret, so I’ll just say that after …read more
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Why dooring cyclists is like a sunny day

By Lloyd Alter

Talk about a tone-deaf response to a serious problem. …read more
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By Michael Graham Richard

Bloomberg journalists are speculating that Google might be interested in buying Tesla. We look at whether that would make sense or not. …read more
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By Sarah Laskow

Heathrow Express

For fifteen years, the Heathrow Express train has been whisking passengers from central London to Heathrow airports. It’s transported more than 60 million passengers — just think of all the cab rides avoided! To celebrate its anniversary, the train system made a GIANT, thirteen-foot-long cake in the shape of a train car. You can watch the team of cake professionals make it:

It took 30 hours to build, and more than 1,200 pounds of buttercream icing. And, since public transit is all about sharing, the train system offered slices …read more
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By Holly Richmond

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s strangers’ feces!

Air travel: bad for the environment, bad for your pool. At least if you’re Emma Gilfillan-Giannakos, an Ontario woman who heard loud “bomb”-like splashes when frozen shit from an airplane torpedoed into her swimming pool. How did she know it was shit?

“I stuck my finger in it and I smelt it and … it smells like poo!”

So basically, science.

The flying turds also pelted her dog and landed in her garden. In a surprising twist, her insurance isn’t covering the damage.

Transport Canada hasn’t admitted it was frozen …read more
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Read President Obama's Climate Change Plan

By Chris Tackett

No more speculation. We have a copy of President Obama’s new climate change plan. What do you think of these proposals? …read more
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