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By Margaret Badore

Mondelez International, owner of Nabisco, Ritz and Oreo, plans to launch grocery store shelves that identify consumers and gather data. …read more
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Hand-crocheted tampons for the TRULY green

By hrichmond

Completing the “green period” holy trinity of the Diva Cup and GladRags are these handmade reusable tampons, which are part genius, part Regretsy:

We all scream for ice cream tampons!

Fifteen bucks gets you a set of three in beige or (more exciting!) Neapolitan ice cream colors in small, medium, or large. Once expanded, the washable bamboo/cotton tampon just looks like a circle of fabric:


Explains Robin:

The bamboo fabric is highly absorbent, much …read more
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By Lloyd Alter

Should hockey players be wearing clothing made from recycled pop and water bottles? …read more
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Crunchy-topped lentil casserole [Vegan]

By Kelly Rossiter, Jaymi Heimbuch

This delicious dish embodies everything comforting about home cooking. Easy, filling, and something everyone at the table will enjoy, whether vegetarian or not. …read more
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By ghanscom


When Laura Krouse heard the roar of a crop duster as it flew low, ducking under utility wires to lay down a blanket of herbicides, she sprang into action. Working deftly, she set up a small air vacuum resembling a clothes hanging rod close to her field of vegetables, corn, and hay, not far from where the plane was spraying the neighbor’s 10,000-acre farm. There, it would inhale samples of the air to later be tested to see if the chemicals were drifting onto her land.

Upon seeing Krouse, the pilot circled low enough that she …read more
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By nathanael47

Cover art by Brian Dettmer

There was a fistfight over corndogs at my first Meatpaper party. We were crowded up against the kitchen counter at Camino, a restaurant in Oakland, Calif., with brick walls and a big open fireplace. They were cooking a whole pig in that fireplace, dispensing plates of flesh to the crowd on the other side of the counter. To get some pig you had to push your way into this mosh pit and lunge for a platter when it emerged. You’d come away with a handful of something — though not …read more
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Cork chairs are good looking and environmental

By Bonnie Alter

When it comes to chairs, this one’s a corker. …read more
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By Stephen Messenger

Sometimes, undocumented species are found hiding in plain sight, right under researchers’ noses. For biologist Tony Goldberg, his discovery was closer still. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

Romanian villagers block Chevron frackers

By John Upton

The yellow means “drill” to Chevron. Romanians disagree. 

On Monday, a bunch of Romanians told Chevron to go to hell and take their fracking operations with them. (It probably sounded more like “du-te dracului.”) Chevron workers were sent to drill the company’s first test well in the southeastern European country, but they were turned back by protests.

Romania’s government sold Chevron the rights to frack the shale beneath more than a million acres of Romania. Residents worried about the environmental consequences are accusing Prime Minister Victor Ponta of breaking an election …read more
Source: Grist

By Chris Tackett

There is some exceptional the nonsense coming from Republican members of the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Good grief. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

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