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Alaska town mourns passing of feline mayor

By Laura Moss

Stubbs the cat faithfully served his constituents in Talkeetna, Alaska, for 20 years. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Katherine Martinko

In an odd marriage of attachment and free-range parenting philosophies, the book advocates for responsible laziness on the part of adults. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

Are there any alternatives to catnip?

By Chanie Kirschner

Some cats love catnip, but if yours doesn't, there are plenty of alternatives including lemongrass and valerian. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Kimberley Mok

The humble avocado pit has been rescued from the compost bin of obscurity and remade into these magical little sculptures. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

By Josh Lew

Air travel could continue to get cheaper but it could also get a lot less comfortable, as seat sizes shrink and the differences between classes gets wider. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Lloyd Alter

Why this could be the future of construction and why we should be very, very afraid. …read more
Source: Tree Hugger

By Russell McLendon

The newly discovered species have been isolated from other toads for 650,000 years. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

Is parabiosis the fountain of youth?

By Cory Rosenberg

Parabiosis was first utilized in the 1864 to create a shared circulatory system between two creatures. Now it's being looked at as an anti-aging solution. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Noel Kirkpatrick

Puppy drags its dog bed across the floor … because there's a bunny in it. …read more
Source: Mother Nature Network

By Andrea Thompson

Arctic sea ice has been melting at a steady clip this summer as it heads toward its annual low point. But a new chart shows that with nearly two months still left in the melt season, sea ice area is already below what would have been a yearly low in the 1980s.

The comparison shows the clear long-term decline of Arctic sea ice fueled by the global rise in heat-trapping greenhouse gases. The dramatic shrinkage of sea ice over the past few decades is driving major changes, from the loss of crucial Arctic habitat to the potential influence of weather …read more
Source: Grist

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