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By Starre Vartan

In Stranger in the Woods, author Mike Finkel explores the famous Maine recluse Christopher Knight and why he stayed alone for 27 years. …read more
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11 of the most endangered trees in America

By Angela Nelson

From the California coast to an Arkansas forest, rare species of threatened and endangered trees can be found in our own backyard. …read more
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By Noel Kirkpatrick

The distance between people hinges on cultural norms, comfort with the person and the temperature around you, a study of 9,000 people finds. …read more
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Dog's beach sprint sums up our love of summer

By Noel Kirkpatrick

Excited dog throws itself over a beach's gate just to get to the water that much sooner. …read more
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By Ask Umbra®

These days, a lot of folks are asking Umbra how to balance social media (and all the good it can do) with the need for release from a stress-inducing 24-7 stream of outrageous tweets.

Whenever I have a medical problem — anxiety is a medical problem! — I consult the internet which is why I turned to online doctor James Hamblin. NO! He’s a real doctor — and also The Atlantic’s health editor and author of If Our Bodies Could Talk.

The worst thing you can do, Hamblin told me, is to “just be sitting idly by, stewing, doing nothing, consuming information constantly.” …read more
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By Bryan Nelson

It's a breakthrough that scientists around the world have been pursuing for years. …read more
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By Kate Yoder

On that note: In the event of a flood, do you prefer your town with or without toilet water flowing down the streets?

President Trump’s proposed cuts, issued on March 16, would roll back or eliminate programs that deal with environmental security concerns, the Intercept reports. These concerns include pandemics, extreme weather, and, yes, floods of sewage.

In March, Trump signed an executive order signaling that national security agencies no longer need to take climate change into consideration.

One minor problem: Virtually every major federal security document ever compiled on climate change names it as a significant threat to national safety. Both within the U.S. and …read more
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By Derek Markham

In a bid to reduce TP’s environmental impact, the team of toilet crusaders behind the Tushy bidet attachment have rolled out an unbleached bamboo alternative. …read more
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By Grist staff

New legislative measures in six states seek to challenge science in the very place where it should be the most protected and least politicized: children’s classrooms.

As Vice reports, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Idaho, and Indiana have all put forward bills that seek to discredit basic concepts like climate change and evolution in school curricula.

The measures include bills requiring teachers to describe established climate science as “controversial” and giving locals the right to object to textbooks they disagree with. These pieces of legislation indicate a shift from the longstanding “creationism deserves a place in the classroom” debate toward climate denial.

This is a pretty …read more
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By Jaymi Heimbuch

The first-ever Mexican wolf pup conceived through artificial insemination was born this month, and conservationists are celebrating. …read more
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