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Drumbeat: January 11, 2013

By Leanan

High costs threaten Norway’s oil recovery

STAVANGER, Norway, (Reuters) – Oil production in Norway, the world’s eighth-biggest exporter, will fall
Source: The Oil Drum

By Tom Laskawy


I know: You’re feeling a bit blue about that anti-reform farm bill extension that Congress snuck in to
Source: Grist

Well Happy New Year everyone. I can see it’s kicked off in fine style!

Having just got used to my back-to-school routine and having my first day at the laptop, this morning I found my Twitter stream awash with the topic of food waste and the media’s shock that statistics published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers reveal that 30%-50% of the world’s food never gets eaten.

These are huge figures to contemplate, whichever way you look at it, with growers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers all playing a key part or being affected.
Source: The Rubbish Diet